Food Photography Trip: Korean Cuisine (Bibimbap, kimchi, cold noodle)

Before I went to Korea, I only knew 1 Korean food: Kimchi. In fact, Kimchi in Korea is just a free small side dish every time you order food in a restaurant. Although I don’t like the smell and the taste of kimchi (too sour), there’re still other kinds of Korean food that I like, for example: bibimbap and Korean instant noodle, but not cold noodle. I had an unfortunate experience of ordering cold noodle and still regret it for the rest of my life, uughh. When I ordered it, I thought it would be nice to have something cold on a hot day. However, I was surprised when it came with scissors. Apparently, you have to cut the noodle with scissors since it's too hard for a plain-normal-looking fork. Don't ask me about its taste, I'm (or my tongue is, to be exact) still trying to forget it. Lesson learned: "cold" is best associated with drinks, not food.

If pork is “haram’ for you, be sure to ask before you order (there’s this sausage-like food in which rice is mixed with pork blood)



chili pickle

This is how scissors come to handy 

rice mixed with pork blood

Before you eat bibimbap, mix them while it's hot

The infamous cold noodle *greenish face*


Korean instant noodle

Korean sushi?